On behalf of the Vietnamese Canadian Community across the Greater Toronto – Mississauga Area and southern Ontario, VBPMA hereby invites contestants from East to West throughout the Free World to enter the sculpture competition “We Remember / Đời Đời Để Nhớ “, leading ultimately to the construction of the Vietnamese Boat People Memorial monument, to be permanently erected and maintained at 3650 Dixie Road (South West corner of Dixie and Burnhamthorpe), Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.


For further information, please contact us at or

1. General information

1.1 Purposes:

To construct the Vietnamese Boat People Memorial monument to commemorate and remind all Canadians of the historical plight of the Vietnamese boat people: an approximated half a million lives in dinky boats tragically lost to the terrifying high seas,  forever silenced but never forgotten. Their journeys to freedom, to escape from the tyranny and injustice of the communist regime of Vietnam, will forever light the beacon of Democracy and Freedom throughout the globe.

The most profoundly artistic, and symbolic art piece will be carefully examined and selected by our judges in the Selection Committee so that the actual sculpture will blend in harmoniously with the monument environment.

1.2 Theme:

* To thank Canada and the Free World for extending the life-saving touch of humanity and compassion  toward thousands and thousands of Vietnamese boat people and refugees during their darkest hours of despair.

* To commemorate those Vietnamese Boat People who tragically lost their lives in their Journeys to Freedom.

* To remind future generations of Canadians, of Vietnamese and non-Vietnamese origins, of the Vietnamese-Canadian historical spirit of Democracy and Freedom.

* To participate in the dynamic history of Canada’s multiculturalism.

* To prevent such human tragedy from recurring in the future, with proactive discussion and involvement in the affairs of our global society.

1.3 Technical aspect:

The Vietnamese Boat People Memorial monument will be built in front of the Burnhamthorpe Library at 3650 Dixie Road, Mississauga, L4Y-3V9, ON, Canada.

* Monument designated area: 30 feet in diameter or equivalent.

* Dimensions of monument supporting base structure:

6 ft (L) x 6 ft ( W ) x 4 ft (H)

* Sculpture size: To be announced (Maximum height of full size sculpture = 6.5 ft)

* Max weight of sculpture: 6600 lbs (3000 kg)

* Material of installed sculpture: Bronze

1.4 Artistic aspects:

Artistic design should be profoundly symbolic, aesthetically pleasing, yet creative, cost effective, and complying with City of Mississauga’s rules and regulations in order to be in harmony with the monument environment.

2.0 Contest rules:

Contestants can be singular individuals, or groups of artists, sculptors, architects (hereafter known as contestants). Members of the Board of Directors, and of the Selection Committee are not eligible to enter this contest.

2.1 Contest time frame:

First round – Drawings / Photographs:  up to May 20, 2017.

Second round – Plaster Models: from May 22, 2017 to June 30, 2017

2.2 Contact information:

Please forward inquiries to and/or, and

Submit documents and sculpture models to:

Vietnamese Boat People Memorial Association (VBPMA)

3356 Tudor Gate, Mississauga, Ontario, L5L-3C7, Canada

Telephone 1 905 820 2376 Email:

2.3 Due to the City of Mississauga’s strict rules and regulations pertaining to the location and construction details of the Memorial monument project, the Organizing Committee reserves its rights to make changes without notice in the following areas: safety, size, shape, appearance, composition, material in the design of the model(s)

All contestants shall submit: original sketches / drawings / photographs and model(s)

2.4 Round 1: Drawings / Photographs of the sculpture model – to be submitted by midnight / Eastern time of May 20th, 2017.

Each contestant (individual or group of individuals) can submit from 1 to 3 art pieces which have to be presented / photographed at least in 3 different views / angles.

For drawings: please submit the plan view, front view, 2 side views and back view showing all actual dimensions .

Photographs of the sketches/drawings/models: please submit the photos of the front view, plan view, at least 2 side views, and back view of the proposed model.

Please be advised special effects (light, professional lenses, effects, filter…) will not be permitted.

Submission methods: via post office, courier, or digital scan through email.

2.5 Round 2: Plaster sculpture model – to be submitted by midnight / Eastern time of June 30th, 2017.

The judging Selection Committee will choose three (3) of the best/most suitable models   as submitted in Round 1.

The Organizing Committee will then invite these three (3) contestants to enter Round 2 which will span from May 20, 2017 to June 30, 2017.

The 3 contestants shall create and present their sculpture models, using plaster as their material.

2.6 Model dimensions: 12 inches to 18 inches (in Length, Width and Height).

Documents (contained in A4 format) should include theme, inspiration / explanation / ideas… and contestants should explain why the proposed models reflect the monument’s themes / purposes.

The Organizing Committee will choose the best / most suitable model as recommended by the judging Selection Committee, and only after proper consultations with the City of Mississauga in terms of rules and regulations. The successful contestant will have the time period from July 02, 2017 to March 30, 2018 to complete the full-size sculpture in plaster, using the 1:1 scale.

No personalized inscription of any kind will be permitted on the submitted sculpture model.

The Organizing Committee is not responsible for any damages or liabilities involving the submitted models / sculptures during their transportation to the Organizing Committee.

2.7 We will not accept:

* Documents / models that are not created according to the rules and regulations as specified in this announcement.

* Documents / models that have been previously submitted elsewhere.

2.8 All documents and models shall be governed by copyright laws

2.9 We will not return submitted documents and models.

3.0 Author’s rights and responsibilities

All contestants’ documents and models shall be governed by copyright laws and must NOT have been submitted in any other contest.

The 3 contestants whose art pieces chosen to enter Round 2 of the contest shall receive one thousand (1 000) Canadian dollars each to compensate for the material cost and creating effort spent on the models. The three (3) cheques of one thousand (1 000) Canadian dollars, will be sent by mail within 10 days after the Organizing Committee has received the models.

The contestant-winner shall receive a cheque of five thousand (5 000) Canadian dollars, sent by mail within 10 days after the announcement, to compensate for the cost of material (plaster) and creating effort of  the full-size sculpture based on the winning model. This author/group of artists may be invited to participate in the monument construction phase and installation process, subject to rules and regulations.

Upon the completion of installation of the full-size sculpture, the winning contestant (individual or group of artists) shall receive thirty thousand (30 000) Canadian dollars during the inauguration ceremony of the Vietnamese Boat People Memorial monument, anticipated to be on April 30, 2019. The other 2 authors of the 2 submitted models in round 3 will receive a Merit Award worth five thousand (5 000) Canadian dollars during the said inauguration ceremony.

The Organizing Committee shall reserve all the rights to own, use and have full control of the selected sculpture models and full-size sculpture.

The winner contestant (individual or group of artists) shall relinquish all their rights to their sculpture models and full-size sculpture to the Organizing Committee, and subsequently to the City of Mississauga once the project is finally completed.

4.0 The Organizing Committee Members  

Mr. Nguyen Phan Pha, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Nguyen, Mr. Dam Trung Phan,  Ms. Nguyen Bich Thi, Mrs. Thai Quynh Truc, Mr. Vo Thanh Tan, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Duy, Dr. Le Thuan Kien

5.0 The  Selection Committee

To be announced

The Organizing Committee

March 14, 2017